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Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo! Trailer Teams Mystery, Inc. with Elvira and Bill Nye

POSTED: July 04 2020 @ 13:07 PM BST

New Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo! movie mixes the Mystery Gang with Elvira, Bill Nye and an infamous Batman villain.

Kevin Smith Responds to Allegations Against Joss Whedon on Justice League Set

POSTED: July 04 2020 @ 12:07 PM BST

Kevin Smith explains what he knows about the abuse that allegedly went on behind the scenes of the Justice League reshoots, as accused by Ray Fisher.

Shia LaBeouf Really Got His Whole Chest Tattooed for The Tax Collector

POSTED: July 03 2020 @ 19:07 PM BST

David Ayer says Shia LaBeouf got a real, massive chest tattoo for The Tax Collector while praising the actor's commitment.

New Black Widow Trailer Will Arrive Soon to Remind Us It's Still Coming This Year

POSTED: July 03 2020 @ 18:07 PM BST

Marvel Studios is preparing to release a new trailer for their upcoming standalone Black Widow movie.

Rocky IV Director's Cut Is Coming, Stallone Promises It Will Be Amazing

POSTED: July 03 2020 @ 17:07 PM BST

Sylvester Stallone is currently working on a Rocky 4 director's cut following the success of Creed 2.

The Empire Strikes Back 4K Rerelease Planned for U.K. Theaters Is Canceled

POSTED: July 03 2020 @ 16:07 PM BST

Disney and Lucasfilm had originally planned to bring The Empire Strikes Back to UK theaters in 4K this summer.

The Mighty Ducks Trends on Twitter After Making Disney+ Streaming Debut

POSTED: July 03 2020 @ 16:07 PM BST

As part of this month's new additions, The Mighty Ducks has arrived for Disney+ subscribers to stream.

Singer Duffy Blasts Netflix for 365 Days Movie Glorifying Sexual Violence and Trafficking

POSTED: July 03 2020 @ 15:07 PM BST

The Welsh singer opened up about her harrowing personal experience in relation to the topic and is asking Netflix to take 365 Days down.

Mission: Impossible 7 Director Talks R-Rated Jack Reacher Idea and a More Hardcore Tom Cruise

POSTED: July 03 2020 @ 14:07 PM BST

Christopher McQuarrie considered making Jack Reacher R-rated and teases upcoming projects with Tom Cruise.

Alyssa Milano Demands NFL Change Redskins Name, Gets Flamed for Selling Merch with Same Logo

POSTED: July 03 2020 @ 14:07 PM BST

Actress Alyssa Milano finds herself in yet another social media battle after asking the NFL to change the Washington Redskins name.

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