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Streaming or downloading? Which do you prefer? Did someone say the two options? Well, whatever your choice is, you can have it. There are different ways you can have it as well and your choice is your choice. The pay-TV way where you have the likes of Netflix and other pay-TV and streaming service or you can go the Flixanity way, which by the way is free and as loaded as any Pay TV or subscription-based service. Oh yes, you get all the entertainment pay-TV offers at zero cost on flixanity.

About Flixanity

This service has been labelled by a lot of people as a clone of Netflix. Well, that doesn't sound bad to me and I'm sure it wouldn't matter to you as well. I mean, who wouldn't like a free version of Netflix? As long as it offers me unlimited entertainment and the latest titles, then I'm good.

Flixanity is a platform that has been created for free access to movies and TV shows online. This service is offered as a website where you can visit stream or download latest TV shows and movies, and an Android app that brings entertainment close to you and always at an easy reach even if you're on the go. Now, isn't that the definition of awesome?!

While a lot of premium and subscription-based services have limited titles has a result of being restricted to viewing only movies which they have the rights, Flixanity offers you any and every type of movie you have at an amazing speed. The service boasts of regularly updating its content and making new titles available in as little as a couple of hours or a day. Which means you get to watch your blockbuster and trending movies while they're still hot. Sweet right? I feel so too.

Flixanity has however been under fire by a lot of anti-piracy body as an illegal service that offers copyrighted contents for which it has no licence to users. Flixanity, notwithstanding, still remains very much in the service of providing free access to premium contents to users at no cost to them. All you need is an internet connection and acceptance of occasional ads while using the Flixanity service. What's a little advertisement to unlimited entertainment right? That's what I thought as well.

Features of Flixanity

Some of the features of Flixanity that makes it a choice destination for movie and entertainment lovers includes:

  • Available at zero cost: All you need do to use Flixanity is to visit their website or download their app on a supported device, go through their easy and straightforward registration process and you'll be delivered straight into the open field of amazing entertainment experience. Talk about free and awesome, talk about Flixanity.
  • Awesome interface: Flixanity app has an interface that's similar to Netflix, and this is why it is considered a clone of Netflix. If you've ever seen the interface of Netflix, you'll know it's straightforward and easy to navigate. This easy to navigate interface offered to users by Flixanity makes it a top users choice destination for free movies and shows.
  • Trusted Quality: The rendering and download quality of available media on Flixanity are always excellent. They even offer you the opportunity to access the shows and movies you love in an HD quality. Are you thinking in line with me? This is top quality delivery at no cost, I'm wowed!
  • Regular update of latest titles: If there's a newly released movie or TV show, it gets quickly added to the available titles on Flixanity in no time, making it the first destination for latest titles. Additionally, Flixanity has a large and ever-increasing number of movies and TV shows.

All these services provided by Flixanity gives it the difference among other video streaming website and sets it as a top choice among lovers of movies and TV shows.

Using Flixanity on your devices

To use Flixanity on android, you need to search online for the apk file as it is not available for download on the google play store. (you can get apps from this third party app store that I use regularly apk4fun.com)

Once you get the app, download and store it locally on your device.

After your download is complete, you can now locate the apk file from your device and click on it for installation

Remember to allow installation of apps from third party websites and unknown sources from your device's settings

Once you do that, your app will be installed and you can start streaming your favourite movies and shows after registering for your free flixanity account.

To use on PC

You can either access the website at https://www.flixanity.app/ or you can download Bluestacks Android emulator on your PC

After that, open your bluestacks app and download the Flixanity apk file from apk4fun.com through the bluestacks browser

Install the app locally from the Bluestacks app and you are good to go.

For other devices like Android TV, Smart TV, Xbox, PS4 and so on, you can always access the Flixanity service through the Flixanity website and don't forget to always use a VPN or Proxy when accessing the Flixanity app or website, to protect your IP and keep you away from any risk.

FliXanity is a recommended website that you can always go-to for latest movies and TV shows that are popular for your streaming pleasure. You can also get the app installed on your device to get connected to free entertainment. Flixanity service is however sometimes regarded as illegal and infringing on copyright laws, so be careful while using their service and if they become unavailable for a reason, you can always source for alternatives like Showbox, Putlocker, popcorn time and other similar services.