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Putlockers: The free movie streaming web service

If you take your smartphone, navigate to your browser and type in Putlockers.app you'll be directly inside of putlocker's new website. Brand new with a host of new and popular movies at a single click. The new website is a directory of movies and TV shows for your viewing pleasure. Talk about awesome entertainment at the click of a button.

About Putlocker

Putlocker is a large online repository and directory of TV shows and movies that was launched in the year 2011 as a peer-to-peer online file sharing platform that offers users the ability to upload and share media to the Putlocker server and give access for such media to be downloaded by other users. By early 2012, the putlocker's website grew to a whopping 800,000 daily visits, and later on to double that number at 1.6 million visits per day. Putlocker was booming.

With Putlocker's growing success and popularity came a lot of buzz and debates about its legal status. And by 2014, the original Putlocker.com domain was seized by the Intellectual property crime arm of the United Kingdom's police force based on violation of piracy law. The service was labelled as illegally distributing copyrighted materials for free without permissions from the owners of such material. This prompted the service to move to a new domain at Putlocker.is with its base located at Iceland.

Putlocker operated and made its services available on this new Putlocker.is domain until the year 2016 when it was shut down after it was repeatedly reported as a piracy hub. The office of the United States Trade Representative flagged the website, which led to its eventual deactivation. As at the time of this total shutdown of Putlocker and the end of its service, Putlocker, based on Alexa ranking had become one of the web services with the highest traffic in the world, featuring among the top 250 most visited websites.

As with a lot of other free streaming and online video-on-demand service, Putlocker has had to move its services across different and numerous domains at different times due to legal and piracy issues. But the service is back and offers the awesome features it has always offered its users.

Features of Putlocker

  • Free to use: Putlockers.app is a free website that offers you access to HD movies and TV shows from the comfort of your home at no subscription cost. This is an awesome feature because you get free access to a lot of new and trending movies and shows that would otherwise have cost quite an amount of money.
  • Ad-based revenue generation: The popular ways by which free services make money and earn revenue for themselves is by showing ads within their services to users. This is the same with Putlockers.app. You can stream and download movies for free as long as you don't mind seeing different types of banner ads and popup ads at intervals.
  • Popular contents: Some free online streaming websites over low rated contents to viewers who are contended with such as against paying for a subscription-based video-on-demand service like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and so on. Putlocker, however, offers popular, trending and new TV shows and movies for free on their website.
  • Easy to use: Everything you need to do on Putlocker is as easy as a few clicks of a button. The home page features a collection of recommended movies and a search bar at the top to jump straight to your choice of movie or TV Shows and movies. There's a button that directs you to its entire database where you can look through and make decisions as to what you will like to watch next. The menu button on the home page gives access to the database classifications by TV shows and movies in different categories. Putlocker also offers a TV guide making it a little different from other media streaming services.
  • Exhaustive database: Hardly would you search for a particular movie on Putlocker without getting a positive result. The available shows and movies are exhaustive cutting across all genres. Popular or not, blockbuster or not, as long the movie is out there, there's a fat chance that you are going to get it on Putlocker and absolutely free of charge at that. Try to beat that!
  • No need to sign up: While Putlocker offers you the opportunity to sign up for a free account for access to some services like creating a catalogue or favourite list and so on. You don't need to register or login before you can use Putlocker. All you really have to do is navigate to the website and jump right into the middle of your fun ride.
  • Web-based: Putlockers.app is a web-based streaming service, making it available for your streaming pleasure from any device that can access the internet. What this means is that you have access to entertainment on the go from your Laptops or desktop computer, Android smartphones, iOS devices, Windows Phone, macOS, Android Smart TV(and non-android smart TVs), Xbox, PS4 and so on. Wow! That's the definition of entertainment anytime you want.

While the Putlocker service is awesome and free, due to recurring issues of its legal status and constant accusation of piracy and copyright infringement with its services, you should make use of a proxy or VPN whenever you want to use the Putlockers.app service. Although the website promises no need for VPN due to its encryption of user data, it is better to be double safe. While choosing a VPN, however, be careful of fake VPN services. Confirm that your choice VPN is genuine and works perfectly to keep your self safe at all time while you relax to fun and entertainment with Putlocker.